Please sign up for 3 volunteer spots (total for the year)--see Aug. 1st date for optional ONE SPOT sign-ups; these are in affect for the 2019-2020 school year.

1.  First Option PREFERRED                                               

Choose 3 time slots as stated above)   ONE for 1st semester; TWO for second semester

  • Sunday evening where you will clean and set up from 7:30 pm to 9:45 pm

  • Tuesday after classes cleaning and set up is from 3:45 pm to 6 pm

    • (MUST BE ABLE TO MOVE TABLES & CHAIRS--Sunday & Tuesday)

  • Special occasions like ice-cream social, holiday parties, graduation, etc.


2.  Second Option: 

PLEASE CHECK "PAY $150" ON AUGUST 1ST SLOT IF CHOOSING THIS OPTION.  pay to WB a check for $150 and you would not need to clean, but WB will use the money to pay another family to clean in your place.  This check is to be received by August 31st to WB or you will be placed on the cleaning list by WB. Be sure to mark in the memo of the check that it is for cleaning.

3.  Third Option

See AUGUST 1st--these opportunities are for that slot only (see comments for details)--DATE AND TIME MEAN NOTHING TO THE JOB--these are just a means to have a slot for these duties

     SCRIP Assistant and Box Tops Coordinator--entire school year

     Earned Tuition--if you would like to be contacted to see if you are available to clean for another family and earn $50 toward tuition

    Pay $150--this covers all three slots (see option 2 above)

    Ticket Sales Coordinators (one per performance)--work with Drama Tutor/Director to organize ticket sales at appropriate times prior to each performance

Book Sale Communicator--this is from March 1 through June 5.  Meeting with Donna or Christine Russell to get all paper, electronic, etc. communication out about the book sale in June

Cannot keep your assignment?  If you need to change a cleaning assignment later in the year, it is your responsibility to find someone to switch with in your place.  

No shows for cleaning will result in a $75 fee per cleaning assignment.

It is our goal to leave the church better than we found it, to be a blessing to FBC, and to lighten the load for all as we work together. Thank-you for serving FBC and WB in this way!


Sunday Set-Up/Cleaning

  1.  Arrive at First Baptist Church by 5:000pm OR 7:30 pm (specified on signup)

  2. Enter usually front doors (Door 2)

  3. Find Christine Russell/Amy Tenney/Renee Holliday to receive instructions for set-up

Tuesday Tear-Down/Cleaning

  1. Arrive at First Baptist Church by 3:45 pm

  2. Enter through the usual doors (Door 2)

  3. Find Christine Russell/Amy Tenney/Renee Holliday to receive instructions for tear-down